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Jan 17, 2013 4:00pm EST
of those things has happened. keith russell has the latest developments coming in. >> manti te'o is no longer being talked about as the heisman runner-up. everyone is wondering was he the victim of a sick joke, or did he make the whole thing up? the website reported yesterday it could find no record that his girlfriend len nay kekua existed. notre dame is standing by manti te'o. >> every story written about him this season referred to him as the guy who lost his grandmother and girlfriend in a 24-hour period. that's part of the story, part of the myth-making with being a storied notre dame athlete. he would have an incentive to increase his profile, even if it was with these tragic stories. >> last night in a tame, he said to realize i was the victim of apparently someone's sick joke and constant lies is painful and humiliating. a twitter account he used to visit did promised a statement. twitter says the account was deactivated two months ago and react vited after the deadspin story yesterday. >>> it's been a long time in coming. will they come clean in? in just a
Jan 18, 2013 4:00pm EST
. >>> meantime, officials at notre dame are calling in the call for manti te'o to speak publicly about the hoax. athletic director jack swarbrick says he's encouraging the star linebacker to come forward. >>> and finally, are you going to the national maul for inauguration day? fighting the crowds, standing in the cold. now there's an app. to help you find the best bathroom nearby. no joke, sharman has an app. called sit or squat, rating the bathrooms closest to you, and use the reviews to find clean, accessible rest rooms. once again it's call sit or squat. at the live desk, keith russell, news4. >>> president obama prepares to take the oath of office, the new official portrayed was taken, standing in front of his desk, arms crossed with a big smile on his fate. you might remember it was dirt from the portrayed taken. back then he was not smiling and his hair is a lot grayer. some say it's just evidence of how the stress of the job has aged him. >>> events for the president's second inauguration kick off this weekend. first lady michelle obama will be sporting a brand-new look. nbc's kristin w
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2